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Electric foil rental in Saint Tropez

Efoil Saint Tropez

Efoil Saint Tropez, pioneer of eFoil in France

We were the first to discover the sensations of eFoil in France thanks to LIFT, the electric foil brand that invented this revolutionary sport.
Happy to share our passion with you, we now have a team of passionate experts at your service.
Discover the unique sensation of flying over water, in absolute silence and without any harmful emissions for the marine environment, with the best electric foils on the market.

Rent the best electric foil on the market in Saint Tropez

Lift Foils, a brand that filed the first patents on efoils, has more than 10 years of expertise in classic foil design. Lift foils has developed the most manageable, lightest, fastest and quietest electric foil on the market. A full carbon eFoil that is quick to learn, thanks to our expert advice.
A fun and entertaining experience on state-of-the-art technology, which is already identified as the future of water sports!

Lift foil électrique saint tropez

The rental of an electric foil in Saint Tropez in detail:

Home on the beach in the bay of Saint-Tropez

We meet on the beach. We will give you the necessary equipment, introduce you to the equipment, and we will send you all the necessary information so that you can quickly progress on your electric foil.

100% personalized coaching

After having detailed all the safety rules, you will go into the water with the electric foil! Then begins 1 full hour of progression and flight in the bay of Saint Tropez! In order to guarantee rapid progress, our coach will give you advice throughout the session so that you are not on your own!

Fly over water

Electric foiling is a sport accessible to everyone. Depending on the profiles, you will discover the first sensations of flight from your first session, and sometimes even very quickly! We only offer one hour rentals as progress is not immediate, you will need that hour to get the hang of the eFoil and not leave frustrated!

Photos & Videos

So that you leave with memories of your session, your coach will take photos and videos of your session! This will be sent to you for free, so you can send them to all your friends!

Ready to fly?


150 €

1 hour of eFoil in the bay of Saint Tropez
15/30 minutes of preparation to equip you, give you the tips, safety rules and debrief!
Nearby personalized coaching for rapid progress
Photos and videos of your session!
Initiation at 2 with 1 efoil

2OO €for 2

1 hour of electric foil in the bay of Saint Tropez with an eFoil to share
15 minutes to give you tips, safety rules and debrief!
Photos and videos of your session!
Initiation with 2 boards

300 €for 2

1 hour of skiing in the bay of Saint Tropez for 2, with 1 board per person
15 minutes to give you advice, safety rules and debrief!
€350 for 3 people with 2 boards
€400 for 4 people with 2 boards
Stages & Excursions

On request

3-session course: €120 per session (- 20 %)
5-session course: €100 per session (- 33%)
1 hour hike along the coast of the Bay of Saint Tropez
1 hour hike along the beaches of Pampelonne and Ramatuelle
Other possibilities anywhere on the Côte d'Azur on request!

Our playground in Saint Tropez!